Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Leptologists Eat at Nida's Thai on High

Candice: You set me up today.

Paul: What? Me?

Candice: A sandwich place, a taco truck, and Nida's.

Paul: I gave you three choices.

Candice: You gave me one. You know I adore Nida's Thai on High.

Paul: All right. I set you up. I love Nida's too. We've been eating at Nida's since we found her sushi stall in the North Market.

Candice: Let's go.

Nida's Dining Room
Paul: Nida's Thai on High is located at 976 North High Street in Columbus' Short North, just ten minutes from downtown.

Candice: I've always loved her restaurant design: simple, well-lit, tasteful decoration.

Paul: But a little chilly today.

Candice: I wish they would shut their door!

Paul: It's not very crowded now at 11:30. Only a couple tables are occupied.

Nida's Art
Candice: I know I'm getting the gyoza. Hey, this menu doesn't match the one they have on-line.

Paul: That's odd. Why have a menu laid out differently on the web than in the restaurant. The web version is just a pdf. The contents look the same.

Candice: I order the Tod Munn, (a thai meatball), Gyoza (yummy pork dumplings), and Chicken Pho, which is Vietnamese rice noodle soup.

Paul: I also order the Gyoza (yum!), the Tom Yum Soup (hot and sour soup), and Ka Prow fried rice (basil, garlic, bell peppers, onions, and chili paste)

Nida's Art
Candice: We consider these dumplings the best in town.

Paul: Yep. We're dumpling connoisseurs.

Candice: Hey, the table behind you got their appetizers before us!

Paul: They did?

Candice: And now they have their main course.

Paul: We didn't take that long to order.

Candice: I am starving!

Paul: Finally, the gyoza arrive.

Candice: Yum... um... well....

Paul: What's wrong with our favorite dumplings in the world?

Todd Mun and Tom Yum Soup
Candice: They were ready awhile ago, I think, and sat under a heat lamp for ten minutes.

Paul: They're chewy.

Candice: Well, that was disappointing.

Paul: My Tom Yum Soup however is awesome. It's fresh, spicey, and full of flavor.

Candice: The Todd Mun is very good as well. Good texture, strong flavor.

Ka Prow
Paul: My Ka Prow arrives, and it is very good too. The rice is sticky and thick. The grains are puffy. It slides over my tongue. The hotness is intense, not too strong at all. (I ordered it 2 on the 5 point scale of hotness.) The green pepper is the dominate flavor, but the basil is there as well. The chicken in fresh.

Candice: My pho comes in a bowl bigger than my head. It is light and airy. There is a lovely cinnamon flavor. The noodles are perfectly cooked. My only complaint is that it needs more lime. When I squeeze one more slice of lime into the bowl, it's perfect.

Paul: This is an awesome lunch.

Candice: It is. Our only disappointment was the gyoza, caused by the poor, slow service.

Paul: Hopefully Nida's won't be a victim of its own success.

Candice: It is more crowded now than I've ever seen it. It was voted Best Asian Restaurant in Columbus by Columbus Alive.

Chicken Pho
Paul: That's probably driving up the traffic. Good for Nida. We knew her when...

Candice: It's nice when one of our favorites gets some well-deserved fame.

Paul: I don't need to ask, but what did you think? Was it worth it?

Candice: Oh, definitely. Our only complaints were the overcooked, chewy gzoya and the slow service. The food otherwise was delicious.

Paul: Not too expensive, about $20 per person for two appetizers and an entree each.

Candice: Fast seating, but slow service. The food was so good, it was worth the wait.

Paul: And of course it's worth coming back.

Candice: Yep, one of our favorites.

Candice   Paul   

Worth the Price?
Worth the Wait?
Worth Coming Back?

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