Monday, May 21, 2012

The Leptologists Eat at Amul India

Paul: These groupons seem to be working.
Candice: They'd work even better if we bothered to purchase one!
Paul: It got us here, and here is Amul India in Dublin.
Candice: Another long haul from downtown. It seems as far as Tora was.
Paul: It is. I didn't think you liked Indian.
Candice: My eyes have been opened recently. Enough that I'm willing to give it a try.

Dining Area
Paul: Bravo! It smells fantastic.
Candice: The decor is wonderfully cheesy. The black velvet paintings and the chandelier reminiscent of the sparkle that was the 1970s.
Paul: It's a lunch buffet. We ask to see menus anyway.
Candice:  Why? Because food critics must be difficult.  Or, they totally want to look at all the possible scrumptious options available.
Paul: Yes, look at the spread they've laid out for the buffet.

Buffet Entrees
Candice: A much more generous and expansive buffet than Nicola. I wonder if this is new for them.
Paul: Why don't you ask?
Candice: I will! They say they've been doing the buffet for 9 years! No wonder they've got this buffet thing down.

Buffet Desserts
Paul: So I guess we're doing the buffet.
Candice: Let's do that!  (Don't mind the exclamation points, folks.  Paul's son says that just means a shout.  All I'm doing is shouting in the restaurant.  Feel free to try it yourself!)
Paul: I count 10 different warmers, plus the desserts and the sauces. For my first plate, I choose the chana masala, saag paneer, and the basmati rice. I also take a cup of the dal soup.
Candice: How vegetarian of you.
Paul: The soup is creamy and flavorful. I taste the lentil, and the spices complement it. This is yummy.
Candice: I'll try it on my second trip. I got the chana masala and the saag paneer too. The spinach is held well in the sweet sauce blending in a fine balance with the low burn of the spices.
Paul: This chana masala is amazing, though a little cold.

Paul's Plate
Candice: Yes, it's fantastic. I also got the chicken biriyani. The rice is dry and flavorful.
Paul: The saag is very good too. And the basmati rice is perfect.
Candice: Though the tandori chicken is moist, it's just okay. This bhatura bread is flaky and wonderful.  I should eat two pieces.
Paul: Time for my second plate. I get malai kofta, chicken biriyani, chicken makhani, aloo shimla mirch, and a chicken dish mysteriously labeled Chicken #65.
Candice: I tried that. It was good. For my second trip, I make sure I get the dal soup, basmati rice, and chicken makhani.

Candice's Plate
Paul:The malai kofta is delicious, little balls of taste.
Candice: I agree. They're like a vegetable fritter, sweet on top. There's a crisp cleanliness to it and a boost of freshness that may be mint.
Paul: The chicken makhani is too dry. These spicy potatos are spicy! But very, very tasty.
Candice: The rice is cooked perfectly. Not too moist, not too dry. The shape of the grain tapered and delightful on the tongue. And the soup...
Paul: Good, isn't it.
Candice: It has umami.
Paul: I try the naan and the bhatura. Both are very good.
Candice: The chutney over rice is also very lovely. I taste cinnamon and chili pepper. It burns pleasantly. Are you going up for dessert?
Paul: I'll pass in favor of a third plate of my two favorites, the chana masala and the saag paneer.
Candice: I get the gulab jamun and the kheer.

Paul: It looks good.
Candice: The gulab jamun is the bread ball and tastes like a cross between a pound cake and short bread. There's allspice in here. The custard is...
Paul: Well?
Candice: ... nummy, nummy, nummy.
Paul: Is that three nummies?
Candice: Yes, three. It cleanses the palate and cools the back of your throat.
Paul: I think this was a win all around. This buffet has a wide range of foods, something for anyone who likes Indian cuisine. The price is right at $9. If the drive wasn't so long, we'd eat here every week.
Candice: Yes, this is a damn fine spread of food. As a contented steak eating omnivore, I must say that the vegetarian entrees were, one and all, delicious.
Paul: It was worth the price, without a doubt.
Candice: And worth the wait. There was no line at the buffet ever.  Just a wonderful rotation of happy, hungry people.
Paul: And worth coming back.
Candice: That was a really good meal. Roll me back to the car.  Which reminds, me...we'd be remiss not to state that it was also Worth The Drive.

Candice   Paul   

Worth the Price?
Worth the Wait?
Worth the Drive?
Worth Coming Back?

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