Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Leptologists Eat at Aab

Candice: I pick Aab India Restaurant today.
Paul: Another Indian lunch buffet. Sounds good! Let's go.
Candice: I've been here for dinner, but not for lunch. It was excellent and I'm looking forward to trying their buffet.
Paul: We arrive at 11:20 and even though the website says they open at 11:30, they seat us right away.
Candice: Told you we should leave early.
Paul: You did. You were right.  It's freaky how right you are sometimes. See where I said sometimes?
Candice: Huh? Hearing aid volume must be low...We go ahead and choose the buffet, of course. It's $9.97 with tax.  An excellent price.

Paul: There is one buffet table, with about 6 entrees, plus rice, naan, veggies, and desserts.
Candice: The buffet is pushed into the corner. You can only go down one side. Shame if they get a packed house.
Paul: Luckily there's no one between us and the buffet right now.
Candice: Not luck, my sound timing decisions.  Hello? and - Let's go!

Paul's Plate #1
Paul: I start with rice, naan (bread), saag paneer (cheese and spinach), vegetable pakora (spicy veggies), aloo choley (chickpeas and potatoes), and mater paneer (cheesy peas).
Candice: I get similar items, but instead of naan, I get the bhatura (a different type of bread). I also get tandoori chicken, and chicken jalfrezi (chicken, peppers, tomatoes, and onions).
Paul: This rice is delicious. Perfectly cooked.
Candice: Yes, it's good. The tandoori chicken is juicy, but I think I'm just not a fan of tandoori spices. It's good, but not for me.
Paul: This mater paneer is yummy: cheesy peas. My naan, however, is cold.

Candice's Plate #2
Candice: Well, try the bhatura.  It is warm and very tasty.
Paul: I'm a big fan of chickpeas, so I like the aloo choley. It has a nice flavor and the chickpeas are cooked but firm.
Candice: The taste of cinnamon is a little too much for me. The saag paneer however is great.  I could eat it every day.
Paul: Agreed. How's the chicken jalfrezi?
Candice: Delicious. You should try it.
Paul: Time for plate number 2.

Paul's Plate #2
Candice: More saag paneer and chicken jalfrezi. I also add to it chicken tikka masala and mix all of it with the chili chutney. Yum and hot and yum and hot and, more, please.
Paul: I try the chicken jalfrezi as you suggested, the bhatura, and the chicken tikka masala.
Candice: This is really solid food. I've enjoyed nearly all of it.
Paul: I agree. I won't take a picture of my third plate of food. But I finish it too.
Candice: Won't?  You devoured half of it before I was able to mention the opportunity.  I like the set up of the place too. The decor is nicely appointed. And they have a bar.

Paul: You like bars, don't you?  I agree, the place has a nice modern, crisp feel to its decor.  Look, by noon, the place is filled. There are a number of large parties that they accommodated easily.
Candice: There are seats for everyone, but as I predicted, the line is wrapping on itself.
Paul: Yeah, 20 people in line. You were right to get us here early. So what do you think?
Candice: Great food at a great price, and easy to get to from downtown.
Paul: I agree. Worth the price, worth coming back, and worth the wait if you get here early enough to beat the long line.

Candice: Yep. Except for the fact the buffet could not contain two lines due to limited space, it's an awesome lunch meal.  Let's come back soon.

Candice   Paul   

Worth the Price?
Worth the Wait?
Worth Coming Back?

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