Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Leptologists Lunch at Gallerie Bar & Bistro

Paul: We've wanted to try the restaurant at the new Hilton, so let's walk over there today.
Candice: Can you drive me? It looks cold outside.
Paul: It is literally one block away. We'd park farther away than we are right now.
Candice: So?
Paul: <blank stare>
Candice: <equally blank stare>
Paul: <blank stare>
Candice: Okay, fine.  By the way, does this violate our rule of not reviewing chains?
Paul: I don't think so. It seems to be a unique restaurant run by a local executive chef, Bill Glover of Sage American Bistro. He's trying to make it more than just a hotel restaurant; he wants it to be a destination restaurant.
Candice: Sounds like it meets our criteria.  Alright, let's do this.  I'm not talking on the way there or waiting for you to catch up either.  It's head down/get there because
Paul: Yes, yes, we know...
Paul: Ah, nice and warm in here and this is such a beautiful and elegant dining area.

Dining Area
Candice: It is indeed.  I'm going to walk around and check it out. It's well done.  Hilton always gets it right. Have you noticed?  One fine enterprise, I must say.  If elegant, comfortable service is your thing, Hilton never fails.  Or, at least, they haven't failed me.  Let's see how the food is....
Paul: The restaurant is empty at 11:15. Kyle, our waiter appears quickly and settles us in.
Candice: He has a nice relaxed, knowledgeable attitude too.

Dining Area
Paul: What's your choice today?
Candice: I go with the Onion Soup, the Beet Salad, and the Tuna Nicoise.
Paul: I too get the Onion Soup, but choose the Flatiron Steak au Poivre instead.
Candice: Medium rare.
Paul: Of course.
Candice: The soup arrive quickly with  servings of brioche croutons on the side for us to drop in the soup.

Onion Soup
Paul: Kyle also provides an extra plate of croutons. Good service from Kyle today.
Candice: We should definitely focus on service this year.  So far, we're doing great on it.  As to the food - the soup is not overly salty and has a nice layer of flavor from the meat.
Paul: The meat in the soup is ox tail and forms a tangled heap at the bottom of the cup. The flavor is very nice.
Candice: There's enough salt from the cheese on the croutons too. The cheese is sweet, giving several layers of taste to this soup.  I like it.
Paul: The bowls are large too. This is a simple, yet effective combination of flavors.
Candice: Good ingredients put together simply. The chef has done well.
Paul: Here's your beet salad, another large portion.

Beet Salad
Candice: It's a combination of sweet arugula, roasted beets, and goat cheese, covered in a nice vinaigrette. It is fragrant, and the taste is... excellent. Try it.
Paul: Wow. I'm not a big salad fan, but the combination of flavors here is amazing.
Candice: It's nicely layered, pungent and sweet.  And, I like that I don't have to fight you anymore when it comes to getting you to try "green stuff."
Paul: People grow.  Your plate looks a bit like modern art once you've swept it clear.
Candice: It could go on the walls here: Beets Beaten, in Reds and Oranges.
Paul: We should have taken a picture.  The entrees arrive, but Kyle took your knife.

Tuna Nicoise
Candice: But, look - He arrives quickly with a new one.
Paul: That's good service.
Candice: Yep, well done, Kyle.  As to my entree - The salad greens are tart and tasty. The tuna is peppery, but light and the olive tapenade is of good quality. Try some tuna.
Paul: Oh, that's horrid! It tastes like lemon dish washing detergent!
Candice: No, it doesn't.
Paul: Yes, it does
Candice: Nu huh!
Paul: <blank stare>
Anyway...My steak is perfectly cooked and I use it to wash the flavor of that tuna from my mouth.

Steak au Poivre
Candice: Let me try some. Oh, it is good and the cognac sauce is light and pleasant.
Paul: This raspberry watercress salad is amazing. I don't like salads, but I love this.
Candice: My patience with your aversion to "green stuff" has finally paid off!  Pat me on the back, would ya?
Paul: <blank stare>
Paul: The potato hash is fabulous too! It's flavored with onions.
Candice: Tastes like hash browns.
Paul: I still won. You've taken three pieces of steak.
Candice: And, now a fourth.  I guess you did win. Which is not to say my tuna wasn't delicious.
Paul: To each his own is my reply to that one.  But, all in all, I have to say this was a good meal.
Candice: Worth the wait, worth the price, and worth coming back. The service was very, very good as well. Good job, Kyle.
Paul: The menu has a lot on it, even though it's just a lunch menu.
Candice: It's good to have a nice restaurant this close to work.
Paul: It is.  Back into the cold?
Candice: A sled next time?  I'll bring the wool and fleece blankies and you can pull?
Paul: <blank stare>

Candice   Paul   

Worth the Price?
Worth the Wait?
Worth Coming Back?

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