Monday, June 2, 2014

The Leptologists Eat at Milestone 229

Candice: What a fabulous location.
Paul: Milestone 229 is located on the Scioto Mile, adjacent to Bicentennial Park.
Candice: With a great view of the fountains and downtown Columbus.
Paul: The architecture is unique, the restaurant semi circular and with glass walls in most directions.
Candice: I love the indoor decor. Love the curved bar. The view and decor are enjoyable. Lets see if the food matches it.
Paul: We agree to order the Crispy Pork Belly for the appetizer.
Candice: I'm going to try the Roasted Gerber Chicken Breast.
Paul: I attempt to order the Mahi, but I'm told it's not available. The Salmon however is. No thanks. I hastily make my second-choice, the Shrimp and Grits. That was disappointing. If you don't have a dish, don't put it on your menu.
Candice: Agreed. If availability is variable, make it a special.
Paul: Yeah. Look at these Pork Bellies!

Crispy Pork Bellies
Candice: This is a nice presentation.
Paul: Thick blocks of pork sit on yam puree next to coleslaw.
Candice: The slaw is very good. It has the right size of shreds and the perfect balance of acidity.
Paul: The yam puree is sweet and complements the tender pork. It tastes a bit like KFC.
Candice: That's a southern mama's authentic crispiness.
Paul: It's pretty darn good.
Candice: The sweetness of the puree and the tangy sour slaw cleanse the palate after the fatty crispiness of the pork belly. It's an explosion of flavor in a bite. The root beer reduction on the pork clarifies the yams. It ends with a clean finish. Well done, chef.

Grits and Shrimp
Paul: Another nice presentation, with the sausage and shrimp surrounding an island of grits.
Candice: The plates are too big for the entrees.
Paul: You can't tell from these up-close pictures. The grits have a nice contrast to the spicy sausage. I get a shrimp shell in my first bite alas. The sausage is only lukewarm, but the texture is good, and the heat lingers on the tongue.
Candice: Where's my fork? How am I supposed to eat my chicken without a fork?

Gerber Chicken Breast

Paul: Your entree does look wonderful: nice, contrasting colors.
Candice: The chicken appears dry. I can at least eat the mac and cheese and beans without a fork.
Paul: How are the side dishes?
Candice: This is excellent macaroni and cheese and the beans are fresh and crisp.
Paul: And here's your fork.

What the Fork?!?
Candice: I was right. The chicken is dry, especially around the edges. I can taste the organic-ness of the chicken, but it's not very good. There needs to be more gravy to make this palatable.
Paul: Too bad. What's our overall impression?
Candice: The appetizer was awesome and parts of the entrees were as well. I wish I had just ordered the mac and cheese. The chicken was dry and ulimately inedible.
Paul: Yes, the appetizer was the best part of the meal. My shrimp and grits were decent, but I wish they had had mahi like it says on the menu.
Candice: Worth the prices?
Paul: Yes. For your entree?
Candice: If it wasn't for the mac and cheese and green beans, I'd say no.
Paul: Worth the Wait?
Candice: Yes. We were seated at once.
Paul: I thought parking would be a problem, but there was ample street parking on the other side of Bicentennial Park.
Candice: And they do have valet parking.
Paul: Worth coming back?
Candice: Yes. Parts of the lunch were absolutely delicious.
Paul: And there are other things on the menu I'd like to try.
Candice: Yes, a mixed review, but nothing that says we wouldn't come back.
Paul: Just not tomorrow.

Candice   Paul   

Worth the Price?
Worth the Wait?
Worth Coming Back?

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