Monday, September 24, 2012

The Leptologists Eat at Da Levee

Paul: Where to today?
Candice: I don't care. You pick.
Paul: I've been wanting to go to Da Levee for a long time.
Candice: Da Levee?
Paul: You did say it was my choice.
Candice: Okay, Da Levee it is.
Paul: Da Levee, owned by Justin Boehme, is a cajun-creole restaurant. It's on High Street not far from downtown at all.
Candice: I love the new artwork!

Da Decor
Paul: It's a small space, with only ten tables, but it smells great: full of cajun spiciness.
Candice: The menu changes daily, depending on what Justin wants to make. You can see the menu on facebook.
Paul: Today, the menu is Chili Cheese Etouffée, The B&B (which is caramelized corn, black beans, green chilies, red bell pepper), Red Beans and Rice, White Chilicken, and Gumbo. $7 for a large plate, $8 for half and half, and $5 for a small plate.
Candice: Who'd want a small plate here?
Paul: Seems ridiculous, doesn't it? I order half and half of Red Beans and Rice and White Chilicken.

Justin at Da Counter
Candice: I order the same.
Paul: Copy cat.
Candice: Every dish comes with some of Justin's magic bread, which is awesome.
Paul: We sit in one of the two tables that offer a splendid view of High Street.
Candice: This is a great people watching location.
Paul: The music is rock'n, a good mix of oldies and modern stuff.
Candice: Da Levee is not too far from Axis, and Justin is known for selling Backdoor Burritos for club goers.
Paul: Here's lunch! It looks awesome. It smells awesome.
Candice: The sausage in the red beans just melts in my mouth. It's perfectly cooked.
Paul: The spices add a deep warmth. It's not explosively hot, but the flavor is strong.
Candice: Yes, Paul I said that.  I also say the heat lays itself down on your tongue like a warm blankie.
Paul: A 'warm blankie'?
Candice: Yes, you heard me. The happy dance - I'm doing it, this is so good.

Red Beans and Rice and White Chilicken
Paul: The rice is nothing special.
Candice: Except that it adds the perfect texture to the smooth entrees.
Paul: Yes, you're right.  I'd stand corrected, but this booth has me trapped!  Stuck eating this delicious goodness!  Especially, the magic bread which looks like an Italian loaf smothered in Cajun spice and butter.
Candice: I always leave one piece for the end.
Paul: Smart move.
Candice: Uh, duh.  The portions are always satisfying.
Paul: The large plate is indeed large enough.
Candice: All in all this has been a satisfying meal and a very satisfying experience.
Paul: I'm pretty certain we both agree that it was worth the wait, worth the price, and worth coming back.
Candice: Agreed. I'm glad I thought of it.
Paul: Hey! Wait a minute.
Candice: You can pretend, I can pretend.  Deal.

Candice   Paul   

Worth the Price?
Worth the Wait?
Worth Coming Back?

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