Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Leptologists Eat at Third & Hollywood

Paul: Where to today?
Candice: Third & Hollywood.
Paul: I've never heard of it.
Candice: It's in Grandview Heights.
Paul: That's not far from downtown at all. Here it is! It sorta sneaks up on you, doesn't it.
Candice: It does surprise with its location.
Paul: That's a nice bar!

Bar and Fireplace
Candice: How would you know? You don't drink!
Paul: If I did drink, I'd drink at a bar like this.
Candice: The decor is nice. Lotsa mirrors, a great patio, and the music is just right.
Paul: They are playing "Putting on the Ritz!"
Candice: The volume is not too high. The acoustics of the place give it a nice low buzz, allowing people to talk and socialize.
Paul: Superduper.
Candice: Our waiter is Jack. He asks for our order and I choose a Bloody Mary, Grilled Artichoke, a Shaved Radicchio and Arugula Salad, and the Marinated Sirloin Strip Steak.
Paul: I was leaning toward the steak, but on second thought, I'll have the Roasted Chicken, and the Chicken and Black Bean Chili.

Bloody Mary
Candice: The Bloody Mary isn't peppery, but has a lovely smokey taste to it. It came with three fat olives.
Paul: I like how the kitchen is open to the restaurant.
Candice: There are no secrets here.
Paul: The skillets are hanging in the window. I wonder if they'll let me practice my flips.
Candice: Probably not. Here come the Grilled Artichokes.
Paul: These are... extraordinary.

Grilled Artichoke
Candice: The sauce is delicious, but just by themselves, the artichokes are perfect.
Paul: This is just.... This is just....
Candice: You can't even finish your sentence it's so good.
Paul: It is. I would never had thought to grill artichokes. They've been glazed with oil and something else. Salt, yes. Garlic, maybe. And some spices, perhaps basil.
Candice: They are delicious.
Paul: We devour the whole plate quickly, and Jack arrives with damp cloths to clean our soiled fingers.
Candice: That's really good service.
Paul: And fresh forks too.
Candice: The salad and chili arrive.

Shaved Radicchio and Arugula Salad
Paul: That is a very pretty salad.
Candice: It's crisp and crunchy. The perfect amount of dressing has been applied. It's tart. The salad is hearty yet light. And your chili, sir?
Paul: It's excellent. The flavor of the soup has soaked into the meat. It's bold, the chicken's not dry at all. The beans give a sweet contrast. The cheese atop it adds a sour flavor that....
Candice: There you go again, losing your train of thought while you're eating. Continue with your sensuous experience. The cheese does what?

Chicken and Black Bean Chili
Paul: I'm too busy eating.
Candice: Then I'll explain for our audience. The sourness of the cheese balances the sweetness of the beans, both of which contrast with the heat of the soup. A trifecta of flavor.
Paul: You got it. The chips are light and crispy, not too oily. They provide an excellent companion flavor to the chili. Are they made in house?
Candice: Jack confirms it. Yeah, those are good chips. They have just enough salt. Wow, this is an awesome salad.
Paul: We should leave now before they mess up the main course.
Candice: I'm the pessimist here, not you.
Paul: Too late. Here's the main course.

Roasted Chicken
Candice: The Roasted Chicken looks wonderful.
Paul: Wow! It is. The chicken has the perfect spice. The skin is crisp.
Candice: Let me try. The skin is crisp. Do you know how many restaurants mess that up?
Paul: The chicken is moist and perfectly cooked. And the bread salad that came with it is covered in favorful olive oil and garlic.
Candice: You cackled when you bit into the bread salad. Jacks says the reason that the menu is so short is because everyone is cross-trained on all the options.
Paul: Do a few things very well. It's a good philosophy.
Candice: It means qualified people are cooking good food.
Paul: The breast meat is drier, but not too dry.
Candice: Breast meat is always a risk.
Paul: How's your steak?

Marinated Sirloin Strip Steak
Candice: It is a perfectly cooked medium rare. The seasoning in the chili butter balances the wet redness of the steak.
Paul: I'll try a bite. Oh, yes, very good. That chili butter atop it is an interesting flavor.
Candice: They nailed it.
Paul: I hope the small menu isn't a problem.
Candice: There's enough interesting items to bring you back.
Paul: This is the best chicken I've ever had at a restaurant.
Candice: What a satisfying meal. Good company, exceptional service, and wonderfully delicious food.
Paul: From start to finish it was wonderful.
Candice: I'm just nibbing now, enjoying the quiet, lively din and belly satisfaction. Jack took my plate! I was going to eat the rest of that small piece of lettuce.
Paul: He's fast. He's Jack Rabbit.
Candice: Ha!
Paul: So, shall we try dessert?
Candice: Yes!

Strawberry Shortcake
Paul: I order the Strawberry Shortcake.
Candice: I get the Chocolate Pot de Creame.
Paul: The shortcake is a blueberry scone. It's delicious. The whipped cream is light and sweet. The strawberries are fresh. The syrup is not too thick. Delightful.
Candice: It is so yummy. The chocolate pot is creamy chocolatey chocolate atop creamier custard. The custard's density is perfect. They nailed it again.
Paul: Rich and tasty! You know, that's your fourth fork.
Candice: It's a four fork meal!
Paul: These desserts rock.

Chocolate Pot de Creame
Candice: From start to finish, this meal was fabulous.
Paul: It was. So was it worth it?
Candice: The wait to sit, the wait for our food, the wait between courses.... it was all perfectly timed. Jack was on top of everything.
Paul: The price was high, our most expensive lunch yet.
Candice: But you get what you pay for. I see this as a great place to entertain guests from out of town or to celebrate a special event.
Paul: And even with the small menu, there seems enough of a selection to find something new worth trying.
Candice: I'd like to try that chicken next time.
Paul: I want to try the steak!
Candice: So, all in all, worth it.
Paul: All right, back to work!
Candice: and, we've just enough exclamation points to support our claims.  Yes, onward, friend.

Candice   Paul   

Worth the Price?
Worth the Wait?
Worth Coming Back?

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