Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Leptologists Eat at Bangkok Restaurant and Grocery

Paul: Didn't we agree on no more Thai food after last week?
Candice: Yes, but that was last week and this is this week.  Time is relative, my friend.
Paul: Fine, let's eat some Thai food. We're at the Bangkok Restaurant and Grocery in Southeast Columbus.
Candice: Woah, smells musty in here.
Paul: And it's kitschy. I hope we're not disappointed again.
Candice: It's more crowded than the last place. There may be hope.
Paul: We're told to seat ourselves.
Candice: Which is nice, getting to choose.  Of course, I choose cold plastic booths, but no matter.  The aroma of delicious food starts to permeate my nostrils --
Paul: -- and after a few minutes I decide to get menus for ourselves off the counter.
Candice: The waitress arrives and we order. For me, the Rice Noodle Soup with Chicken and Fried Won Ton.
Paul: For me, I order the Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup, and the combination appetizer.
Candice: It seems like this place has been here a long time. The chairs are frayed. There's a disco light in the corner. And there's a Thai channel on the TV, which is mesmerizing.  Young beautiful people either crying, singing or dancing.  Weird.
Paul: You're weird.  This place has been open since 1984 according to the website, almost as long as the Thai grocery next door.
Candice: I'm weird?  You carry around a big red foam hand and shout at people.
Paul: I don't shout. I enunciate.  Let's check out the grocery store on the way out.
Candice: Good idea. The crowd is pretty big and that's a good sign.
Paul: Here are the Fried Won Ton. That's a big portion.

Fried Won Tons
Candice: The tails are too crunchy for me. I don't like that, but they are tasty.
Paul: I agree. The fronts are pleasantly flavored. I guess the tails are just for holding.
Candice: Not touching that one, but I will touch the combination plate, that arrives full of even more appetizers. Um, we ordered a lot of food.
Paul: When has that ever been a problem for us?

Combination Appetizers
Candice: Uh...taken and noted.
Paul: The combination platter includes Tod Mun Pla (fish patties), Tod Mun Goong (shrimp patties), Baby Spring Rolls, and Shrimp and Squid Tempura.
Candice: Ah! These fish patties are yummy in my tummy. The cucumber and peanut sauce complement them well.
Paul: I agree. The fish patties are excellent.
Candice: The shrimp patties also hit home.
Paul: The baby spring rolls as well. This is a good combo platter.
Candice: The shrimp and squid tempura aren't quite as good.
Paul: Kinda normal compared to the other things on the plate.
Candice: Yup, but look - Here's your soup.

Tom Yum Soup
Paul: And what awesome soup it turns out to be! The chicken is fresh and delicious. The flavor is multifaceted and not as overpowering as the soup at the last restaurant.
Candice: Let me try it. Yes, oh my- that is good.
Paul: This soup is rocking. Best Tom Yum Soup I've ever tasted.
Candice: And here's my soup.
Paul: Your chicken noodle soup!
Candice: Calm down, friend.  It's just soup.

Guay Tiew Nam - Rice Noodle Soup with Chicken
Paul: But, it's a huge bowl of soup.
Candice: Tis and it's delicious. The layers are pungent, the chicken is fresh, and the lemongrass is plentiful. For the price, this is a lot of good soup.
Paul: Did we order too much?
Candice: Already asked and answered.
Paul: Here's my Pad Thai.
Candice: The waitress is bringing the food at a good pace.
Paul: Wow! This Pad Thai is exceptional. It may be the best Pad Thai I've ever had.

Pad Thai
Candice: Don't forget to use your lime.
Paul: The ingredients are well proportioned. The flavor is savory and it doesn't depend on the peanuts for its taste. This is really good Pad Thai.
Candice: You're right. That is the best Pad Thai we've experienced to date.
Paul: Queue the choir.
Candice: You're kinda coo coo today.  Understandable, though as this has been an exceptional meal. The food was ample with each portion enough to feed two people.
Paul: The price is pretty good for this amount of food too. My Tom Yum soup and Pad Thai were big winners. I kept going back to the soup, even after the Pad Thai arrived.
Candice: As did I.  You're a good sharer.  And don't forget, the appetizers were pretty decent, made even better by the cucumber and peanut sauce.
Paul: Worth the wait, price, and coming back?
Candice: I would definitely come back here.  At first glance and before first taste, a foodie may hesitate, but all in all - this is a great place to come back to time and again.
Paul: Agreed. This place is a winner.
Candice: and I'm a winner...
Paul: Yes, you're a winner.  I'm a winner...wouldn't you like to be a winner too?
Candice: Ugh.  Okay, campy, let's check out the grocery on the way out.

Candice   Paul   

Worth the Price?
Worth the Wait?
Worth Coming Back?

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