Friday, December 21, 2012

The Leptologists Eat at Basil

Paul: This is going to be our last lunch of the year.
Candice: Where should we go for this momentous occasion?
Paul: How about Basil?
Candice: Okay. That's an old favorite of ours.
Paul: Basil is a Thai restaurant located in the Short North, known for its 3-course lunch special for $8.50.
Candice: I'm getting that.
Paul: Me too.
Candice: Plus some appetizers.
Paul: Of course!
Candice: The place is empty when we arrive at 11:30. Alternative rock is playing in the background not too loudly.
Paul: Since last we've been here, they've expanded into the building next door, doubling their space.
Candice: Now they have room for a Christmas Tree.
Paul: Tis the season.
Candice: Our server takes a while to get to us even though there's no one else here.
Paul: I guess we shouldn't have asked her to come back.
Candice: I order the Red Curry with Beef, Vegetable Tempura, and Tom Yum Soup.
Paul: I get the Basil Chicken over Rice, Crispy Roll, and Tom Yum Soup.
Candice: Our extra appetizers include Potstickers--
Paul: Of course!
Candice: -- and Shrimp Shu Mai.
Paul: Another table gets served their appetizers and soup before us.
Candice: Service does seem slow today.
Paul: Finally our soup arrives!

Tom Yum Soup
Candice: Thank goodness! I almost keeled over.
Paul: We'll have none of your keel in the air, thank you very much.
Candice: The broth of the soup is wonderful.
Paul: Yes, the sourness is something special. It has an excellent flavor.
Candice: The chicken however is a little bland.
Paul: Here are our appetizers.
Candice: Did we order too much?
Paul: You asked that last time. Never!

Our Appetizers
Candice: You go ahead and eat while I wait for my chopsticks. And wait. And wait.
Paul: The potstickers are a disappointment. They are soggy on the bottom.
Candice: Everyone hates a soggy bottom.
Paul: And the wrap is bland and doughy. This is a bad potsticker.
Candice: My chopsticks arrive and I sample the Shu Mai. Very flavorful. Tangy and moist.
Paul: The Crispy Roll is not quite as good as I remember. It too is a little bland.
Candice: I agree. The Tempura is not so great either.
Paul: It tastes like grease. Yuck.
Candice: My favorite of these four appetizers is the Shrimp Shu Mai. Otherwise it's a bit of a bust.

Red Beef Curry
Paul: I think you're right. The entrees have arrived.
Candice: The curry sauce is delish. It has a nice smokey and creamy layer. The heat down below doesn't burn at all.
Paul: The basil in my dish gives it such a great taste. There's nothing like it. The heat of the spices is perfect. Not overpowering and not too faint.
Candice: Let me try. Yes, that is really a fantastic flavor. Try mine.
Paul: It's good, but....
Candice: Not as good as yours?
Paul: Yeah, sorry. I guess I win this round.

Basil Chicken Rice
Candice: You do, darn it!
Paul: So, what are your overall thoughts.
Candice: It's a great value for a three-course lunch. The soup was great. The entrees were fabulous. The appetizers however weren't all they could be.
Paul: Yes, I expected so much from the Crispy Roll.
Candice: The service was slow, but not so slow that I'd recommend against the restaurant for that.
Paul: My water glass was empty more than it was full, but I agree.
Candice: And I will come back. There's so much to explore, even on the smaller lunch menu.
Paul: Agreed.
Candice: Here's to the end of our first year reviewing restaurants!
Paul: I've enjoyed it and look forward to a whole new set of restaurants next year as we continue our quest for the perfect potsticker.
Candice: It can't be found, I say.
Paul: Our next review should be a best of.
Candice: Good idea. Let's get out of here.
Paul: Back to work.

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Worth the Price?
Worth the Wait?
Worth Coming Back?

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