Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Leptologists Eat at Wurst and Bier

Paul: Today's lunch spot is Wurst and Bier.
Candice: Good! German food.
Paul: It's located in Worthington, so it seems like a good distance from downtown, but the the drive up 315 is pretty fast and it's easy to get off of Route 23.
Candice: Didn't we have lunch at the place next door?
Paul: I remember that. But it was before we started reviewing. I think a bug crawled across the sushi counter as we watched.
Candice: Ah, good times. (and, actually a wonderful Tuna Tartare salad too)
Paul: The restaurant is empty except for a small bar crowd.

The Bar
Candice: The room is divided into a restaurant and a beer hall. TVs line the walls and rock-n-roll music plays loudly through the speakers.
Paul: We sit at dark-lacquered benches and tables. It has definitely got a sports bar feel to it.
Candice: A freezing sports bar. I'm not taking off my coat.
Paul: Fine. Just don't get your sleeves in your food.
Candice: Uh, thanks, mom. I order the Obazda as an appetizer. It's a large pretzel with a cheese ball.
Paul: Sounds good. I try to order, but they are out of the the first two items I select. No Beef Brats and no house line Knockwurst. I settle for the Pork Brat and the German Potato Soup.

Candice: I choose the Curry wurst. I pick the Veal Bratwurst as my sausage of choice to be covered in curry powder and sauce. As sides, I get Bratkartoffeln (potatoes) and German Red Cabbage. I get the soup too.
Paul: The pretzel arrives with a selection of three mustards.
Candice: I love a good pretzel and this is a good one. The pretzel is light and airy with a nice chew texture. Good flavor and not overly salted.
Paul: And the cheese glob it comes with goes well with it.
Candice: Glob?  Award winning author and that's the best word you can come up with?  Sigh.  Anyway, it's a mild cheese, a mixture of cream cheese, onions, and seasonings. It complements the pretzel nicely. This is what I expect at a German restaurant: fresh, tasty pretzels.
Paul: How are the mustards?

Candice: Sweet, mild, and hot. Annnd...the hot mustard is burning my nose.  Go on, try them.
Paul: I'm not a big mustard fan....
Candice: Try them.
Paul: Fine. Not bad at all. They go well with the pretzel. You're right, this is an awesome appetizer.
Candice: Here's the soup. Full of potato and carrots.
Paul: We ordered cups, but these are the biggest cups I've ever seen.
Candice: We call them bowls where I come from.  I wonder - Has our reputation preceded us?
Paul: I hope not!
Candice: Right, 'cause if so - You're a weirdo.  Back to the food - - The soup is comforting with its generosity of simple ingredients.
Paul: I agree, and the bacon flavor is rich and perfect for the base. Good soup. And, hey wait a minute...

German Potato Soup
Candice: Don't have one.  My veal bratwurst is a fine sausage. I like the curry atop it, but the sauce is just too sweet for me. The red cabbage is well...red cabbage.
Paul: Too sweet? Impossible.
Candice: You try it, Mr. Teriaki.
Paul: I love this! The Curry wurst is yummy, the sweet sauce colliding with the curry in your mouth. I should have ordered this.
Candice: You're dancing on the bench. Is it the food or the music?
Paul: Who can sit still when Ballroom Blitz is playing?

Currywurst with Veal Bratwurst
Candice: Me. I can.  You're earning that weirdo label, mister.  How's your pork brat?
Paul: The bun is too big for my mouth, but the bread is fresh and doesn't distract from the brat. It's burnt on the sides and that does distract. Did they rush the cooking?
Candice: Yeah, not back there, don't know.  Stop asking me questions I don't know the answers to, I'll end up with a complex.  Otherwise?
Paul: It's a good bratwurst, but it's not singing to me. The fries are good: crisp and hot. I like your Bratkartoffeln too; a filling combination of taters, bacon, and cheese.  And, you're right - my apologies. [You have enough complexes.]

Pork Brat
Candice: Apology accepted.  Did you just murmur something?..deaf chick, hello?
Paul: Nothing important...so what do you think overall?
Candice: German food is comfort food. The pretzel and soup were great. I probably shouldn't have ordered the Curry wurst, not being the sweet tooth variety gal, but the veal bratwurst underneath the sweet sauce hit the spot.
Paul: I should have ordered the Curry wurst.
Candice: Next time. Now, let's see...the atmosphere was great; the bar looks like a fantastic place to watch the big game from; the prices were decent and the wait was non-existent.
Paul: Agreed. I picked the wrong brat, but overall the place is pretty darn good. A good selection of sausages, even though my first two choices were out of stock. That was my one problem.
Candice: Maybe they can't handle the demand. Worth coming back?
Paul: Indeed.

Candice   Paul   

Worth the Price?
Worth the Wait?
Worth Coming Back?

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