Monday, November 18, 2013

The Leptologists Eat at Talita's

Paul: On our way to one restaurant, we spy Talita's Tex-Mex.
Candice: We veer into the parking lot on a whim. Try not to hit anyone.
Paul: Roger that. Talita's has been on our list for a while, so yay for spontaneity.
Candice: The waitress tells us to sit anywhere.
Paul: She seems tired, yet happy.
Candice: Apparently lunch is usually express. Dine-in is new this week.
Paul: That explains it. Things must be pretty hectic.
Candice: She gets us hot sauce before she gets us drinks.
Paul: They have their priorities here.
Candice: Amen to that. Wednesday is Southwest Wednesday, so the Wet n' Cheesie Burrito is the special.
Paul: Let's get those. I'll take mine with beef, beans, and cheese.
Candice: Make mine chicken, beans, and cheese. And an order of the baby flour nachos.
Paul: There's a picture of Talita on the wall.
Candice: I think one of the employees just prayed with that couple who left.
Paul: This is a place with... character.
Candice: It is unabashedly what it is.
Paul: The nachos arrive and look exactly as they sound, cheese between two tortilla cut into fourths.
Candice: Sometimes we're just too hungry to pause for a photo. Sorry, folks.
Paul: Picture it in your mind's eye instead.
Candice: These two sauces are fantastic.
Paul: The red salsa tingles the tongue. What a fabulous flavor.
Candice: The jalapeno salsa lingers. They are both fresh and excellent.
Paul: Here are the burritos.

Wet n' Cheesie Burrito
Candice: Wet and cheesy sums it up.
Paul: The beef is fresh with a slight spiciness.
Candice: The red sauce is excellent and the beans are tasty.
Paul: This may be the best burrito I have ever eaten.
Candice: When it comes to good food, the recipe is always the same: use fresh ingredients in simple recipes for great taste.
Paul: They've done it here. This burrito was good from first to last bite.
Candice: This is not a light lunch. Come hungry.
Paul: Or hangry.
Candice: You're done first. That rarely happens.
Paul: It was the best burrito I've ever had.
Candice: I'm eating past full!
Paul: But now both plates are empty.
Candice: Wow. What a lunch.
Paul: No wait, excellent price, and definitely worth coming back.
Candice: Agreed. Good stuff!

Candice   Paul   

Worth the Price?
Worth the Wait?
Worth Coming Back?

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