Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Leptologists Eat at Moshi Sushi

Paul: Where to today?
Candice: Sushi! In fact, Moshi Sushi located in Bexley. I've driven past a couple times.  Looks interesting.
Paul: It's gotten some good press, such as being listed as the top Japanese restaurant in Columbus, Ohio in an entirely arbitrary poll.
Candice: They rank it higher than Akai Hana, which we loved. We have to try it out.
Paul: It's just a short drive from downtown, so it's easy to get to for lunch.
Candice: The place is stylish.  The tin ceiling is gorgeous.

The Bar Area
Paul: The undersea painting on the back wall looks a little childish however. It's not a big restaurant; it maybe seats 40. But there is a patio for warmer weather.
Candice: The music is more avant-garde than at the last place we ate.
Paul: That would be Third & Hollywood.
Candice: And the acoustics aren't too bad. Being hearing impaired, I have a difficult time with a restaurant where I can't hear my companion speak.  Not that you ever have anything interesting to say...
Paul: Yeah?  There's a bug on our table.
Candice: Eek.  Oh...Let him be, he's not a cockroach. Oh, I love these glasses.

The Curved Glasses
Paul: ADD much?  They are neat.  The glasses, that is. I order the dumplings (Moshi Asian Pockets), Miso Soup, and Pad Thai.
Candice: I order the Tuna Carpaccio, Asari Miso Soup, a Tuna Roll, and a Moshi Roll.
Paul: That last sounds like their signature sushi roll.
Candice: You're a bright guy, Melko.  I like how they don't have forks on the table setting.
Paul: I'll have to ask for one.
Candice: No, demand it!  Just kidding.  No, I'm not.  Yes, yes I am.
The appetizers arrive.

Paul: Schizoid much?These dumplings are exceptional.
Candice: Yes, the sweet spicy sauce against the texture and flavor of the filling pleases the palate. Yum!
Paul: These might be better than Nida's.
Candice: Better or as good as?
Paul: I'll stick with "as good as" for now.
Candice: There are lettuce rinds in my carpaccio salad. Grrr.
Paul: How's it taste?

Tuna Carpaccio
Candice: Not bad. But the tuna has been seared too much. I prefer it more sashimi style.
Paul: The tuna tastes pretty good. But the flavor sort of trails off in my mouth. I was expecting something more.
Candice: It's meant to go with the jalapeño is why.
Paul: Green stuff?  Hot, green stuff?  Um...not today.
Ah! Here is our soup.

Asari Miso Soup
Candice: My soup tastes like clams.
Paul: Well, those are clams in there.
Candice: Again, your brilliance amazes me.  There are plenty of clams, though.  Hard to miss, that's for sure. One is gritty. The classic seafood flavor is good, but there is little spinach and only tiny, tiny bits of scallion in it. How's your miso?
Paul: Unexceptional. It's miso.
Candice: The waitress serves my sushi at my elbow. I feel like I wasn't eating fast enough for her.
Paul: Rude.

Moshi Roll and Tuna Roll
Candice: The Tekka maki is tightly wrapped but small. The moshi roll is bland, but beautiful in its construction.
Paul: It's not very exciting, is it? But of course, I'm not a big fan of sushi.
Candice: No excitement for any of the sushi.  How's your pad thai?
Paul: Disappointing. It's not spicy at all. The taste is rather bland too.
Candice:  No spice at all?

Pad Thai
Paul: Some, down in the heap of the ample amount of noodles on my plate. And the chicken isn't too dry, but... it's just not great.
Candice: That about sums it up. It's essentially just food.  Some of it is good, but other than the potstickers, nothing else stands out as great.
Paul: Definitely not the best Japanese restaurant in Columbus. Maybe the best in Bexley.
Candice: The dumplings were the best part. I do believe we've finally found a potsticker that can compete with Nida's.
Paul: Too bad there's no other reason to come back.
Candice: Yeah. It's not worth the price. We walked right in at lunch time, but if I would have had to wait, I probably would have walked out.
Paul: Not worth the price, not worth the wait. Worth coming back?
Candice: No.
Paul: Overall, disappointing.
Candice: Too bad. I was hoping for something better.
Paul: We can't win every time.
Candice:  But, we can be smart everyday!
Paul:  Movie reference day again?  Come on, my turn to beat you across the street...ready, set...go!

Candice   Paul   

Worth the Price?
Worth the Wait?
Worth Coming Back?

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