Monday, May 6, 2013

The Leptologists Eat at Flat Iron Bar and Grill

Candice: It's entirely your choice today.
Paul: Really?
Candice: Yes, really.
Paul: Then, I pick the Flatiron Bar & Grill, which is within walking distance of our downtown office.
Candice: That's a good choice. It's so close you'd think we'd go there more often.
Paul: It just seems to be a little out of the way. It is very close to the convention center however.
Candice: The Flatiron Bar & Grill seems to be named in honor of all the buildings called "Flat Iron" in the world.
Paul: Of which there are more than I realized.
Candice: Pictures of Flat Irons adorn the walls. It's their theme apparently.
Paul: The building is long and thin, just like most Flat Iron buildings.
Candice: We're seated past the bar and we hear the specials.
Paul: Salmon, charred in sugar with a Dijon mustard.
Candice: Grilled chicken in mushroom sauce.
Paul: And oxtail soup.
Candice: None of those sound appealing to us. I absolutely want the BBQ ribs and sausage. Our server Clarissa tells us they are out of the collard greens however and substitute green beans instead.
Paul: I order the Jambalaya.
Candice: I order the Roasted Turkey Club with sweet and hot fries.
Paul: The appetizer arrives quickly.

BBQ Sausage and Ribs
Candice: The smell of the BBQ sauce is amazing. I taste the bourbon in the sauce.
Paul: I can taste the smoke as well. The meat on the ribs is a little dry.
Candice: Not mine. Maybe you got a bad rib. Try another.
Paul: There's a slow burn with the sausage. Such a nice smokey flavor.
Candice: It's a good sausage with a good mix of spices. There's a layered flavor here that I like. The texture is more granular than grocery sausage.
Paul: I like the sausage better than the ribs.
Candice: You would, my friend. I prefer the greens beans overall.
Paul: They are good.
Candice: Here's the entrees.

Turkey Club
Paul: Look at all those fries.
Candice: There are definitely an ample number of fries.
Paul: Looks like it's falling apart. Poor construction?
Candice: I would say not. But the bacon is crumpled.
Paul: How's the taste?
Candice: Good bread. The cheese is normal deli cheese. But the bacon and basil aiolo make it special setting it apart.
Paul: My Jambalaya is very spicy. The sausage is drier than what was in the appetizer and not as chunky. I think I would have preferred that sausage to this.

Candice: These fries of mine are very good. They've loaded it with cheese and pepper flakes.
Paul: My shrimp is not juicy at all. It's dry and kinda fishy flavored.
Candice: Let me try that sausage. Yes, I don't like the texture, but it's not that spicy.
Paul: The chicken in the Jambalaya is the best part. Unfortunately there's only one piece of it.
Candice: I think you chose poorly.
Paul: Yeah, I would probably have liked something else better.
Candice: So what do you think?
Paul: The price was decent for the amount of food. The portions were large.
Candice: True. We were served quickly. No wait whatsoever.
Paul: It's closer than we thought. Nice atmosphere.
Candice: Yep, it's a small place in a great spot.
Paul: Check marks all around!

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Worth the Price?
Worth the Wait?
Worth Coming Back?

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