Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Leptologists Eat at 101 Beer Kitchen

Candice: 101 Beer Kitchen is the choice today!
Paul: It's not exactly close to downtown, all the way to Sawmill Road outside the outer belt.
Candice: But we've gone farther for good food before.
Paul: We have.
Candice: It says it's on Sawmill Road, but finding it turns out to require the GPS on my phone.
Paul: It's hidden on a diagonal lot behind another building, but we find it.
Candice: It's a big space. We choose to eat outside today because of the fine weather. The patio is nice.
Paul: It doesn't feel like a patio out in front of a restaurant. The tall line of trees across the parking lot makes it feel...
Candice: ...woodsy?
Paul: I was going to say, open and inviting.
Candice: The chairs weigh less than a pound.
Paul: I don't fit in them very well.
Candice: Well, you are ginormous.
Paul: Tom our waiter arrives and pours us water.
Candice: I love the bottle!

Water Bottle
Paul: That is pretty cool.
Candice: A perusal of the menu leads us to order the soft pretzels and shrimp wraps for appetizers.
Paul: Well, it is National Shrimp Day.
Candice: Is it? Why don't I believe you?
Paul: I have no idea.
Candice: Yes, well. These menus are pretty cool attached to peg board.
Paul: That is neat.
Candice: Here are our appetizers.

Paul: That's a nice presentation. These pretzels have a strong pumpernickle flavor.
Candice: I love the beer cheese, but... the pretzel is very salty, overly salty, and I like salt.  These pretzels are making me thirsty.
Paul: It is overpowering.
Candice: These pretzels are making me thirsty.
Paul: The shrimp is fresh.
Candice: <shakes head in defeat>
It is National Shrimp Day.
Paul: I'm not sure if I believe you.

Candice: You can trust me. I tell you everything.
The shrimp sauce is delicious. The shrimp wraps overall have a good combination of flavors and textures, followed by a good heat.
Paul: I do like them.
Candice: Where is Tom our waiter? I'd like to order a lunch.
Paul: Maybe he thinks we're eating appetizers only.
Candice: Then why did he leave the menus?
Paul: I think he forgot us.
Candice: There he is handling a big group. Here he comes.

Shrimp Wraps
Paul: Since it's National Shrimp Day, I order the Shrimp and Grits.
Candice: I didn't get you a card for National Shrimp Day.
Paul: Well, my birthday is next week...
Candice: Yeah, about that.... I order the Hefenweizen Steamed Mussels.
Paul: Let's hope there's no delay.

Steamed Mussels
Candice: Soon enough the food arrives. These are some big plump mussels. But the bread.... it's salty. Once again the salt is overpowering.
Paul: And the mussels themselves?
Candice: The salt permeates the dish and ruins it for me.
Paul: Too bad. The shrimp are meaty and thick. The spiciness is rich and offsets the simple grits. I like the combination of texture and flavor. I think it's very good.
Candice: Let me try. Not bad, but I feel there's an oversaturation of spices on the shrimp.

Shrimp and Grits
Paul: Still...?
Candice: You win. By default.
Paul: So what do you think?
Candice: Overall, a little disappointed. The saltiness of the pretzels and mussels was just too much, even for me.
Paul: And Tom our waiter left us cooling our heels for an overly long time.
Candice: I doubt I'd come back.
Paul: Perhaps for dinner.
Candice: Perhaps, but if I'm out this far, I'd stop by Amul India, one of our favorites.
Paul: Good choice. So the prices were all right, but the wait was too long, and neither of us is likely to return for lunch. Too bad.
Candice: You can't win them all. Happy National Shrimp Day.
Paul: And to you, friend.

Candice   Paul   

Worth the Price?
Worth the Wait?
Worth Coming Back?

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