Monday, May 6, 2013

The Leptologists Eat at the Grass Skirt Tiki Room

Candice: Let's do the Grass Skirt Tiki Room today.
Paul: Well, that certainly looks interesting! Let's try it.
Candice: We have not had Hawaiian food before.
Paul: The restaurant is part of the eclectic Columbus Food League which includes such restaurants as Dirty Frank's, Tip Top, and Betty's.
Candice: We've been to one of those and liked it. Sounds like a list of restaurants we need to try.
Paul: The Tiki Room is downtown Columbus on Grant between Long and Gay.
Candice: You could make a joke about that... but you refrain.
Paul: Thank you, wait...what?
Candice: The outside of the unassuming building is simple and gray and the inside is dark. I can't see a dagblastit thing until my eyes adjust. And when they do, I am overwhelmed with the Polynesian kitsch.
Paul: Blowfish hang from the ceiling. Tiki torches do nothing to illuminate the darkness, but they give off great ambience.
Candice: I like the decor. We've arrived in the middle of some plumbing work so the place stinks of fumy lacquer.
Paul: Dark and stinky.
Candice: and, you're passing on jokes again...We seat ourselves and peruse the menu as best we can in the dark.
Paul: Ah...oh, now I'm following.  Not physically because I'd trip over something in this darkness.  Our eyes adjust only until someone opens the door and the jagged light and cold invades.
Candice: Coming here on a cold day wasn't the best idea we've had.
Paul: Well, I'm going with the Teriaki Chicken Skewers.
Candice: Of course you are. I think we should get the Dipper's Delight as an appetizer and I want two entrees.
Paul: Two?
Candice: Stop acting like you're surprised when I do that.
Paul: Right. It's for the benefit of the audience who doesn't know how much food your waifish body can put away.
Candice: I'm a rat on a wheel, I need fuel.  Anyhoo, I'm going with the Kimchi Ramen and the Spicy Peanut Pasta.
Paul: Dan takes our order. He's seem nice and efficient enough.
Candice: Enough is a good measure, eh?  Ah, drinks and then the appetizer arrives.

Dipper's Delight
Paul: The appetizer comes with three dips, an edamame hummus, a pepper and pineapple salsa, and a kimchi cream cheese dip.
Candice: For dipping, we have a pile of extremely oily wonton chips that I find addicting - yum.
Paul: The edamame hummus is smooth and rich. I love the flavor.
Candice: It's good, but this pineapple salsa is wonderful. It's so sweet with just a little hint of spice from the pepper.
Paul: You're right. It reminds me of a very good corn and black bean salsa I like to make, but it's sweeter. I'm not a big fan of the kimchi and cream cheese dip however.
Candice: I like it quite a bit. It's number two behind the salsa.
Paul: You're right. These wonton chips are oily.
Candice: But that didn't stop you from eating most of them.
Paul: Well, they can't go to waste. Here's our lunch.

Kimchi Ramen
Candice: The kimchi ramen is covered in kimchi sauce, which Dan informs us is made from fermented cabbage. There is supposed to be honey in the sauce, but I can't taste it.
Paul: Let me try. No, this is not for me. It's kind of bland.
Candice: It needs more honey in the sauce for certain and I suggest as much to Dan when he asks. Constructive criticism equals healthy communication.  I decide to add sriracha sauce  to see if that will help.
Paul: Did it?
Candice: Uh no. I just made it inedible. Oops.
Paul: I think it came that way.

Teriyaki Chicken Skewers
Candice: Point taken. How's yours?
Paul: It's very good. The teriyaki is not overwhelming. It's sweet and light and the chicken is moist and nicely flavored.
Candice: Let me try. Yes, this is good stuff. I'm not a fan of teriyaki like you are, but they did that right.
Paul: The fried rice beneath the skewers is very good as well. The flavor is fantastic, though it's a little greasy on the lips.
Candice: That leaves my spicy peanut pasta....

Spicy Peanut Pasta
Paul: The anticipation is killing me. Well?
Candice: I win. I love this. There's a good fire to the noodles.
Paul: I'm just not going to accept that you win. Let me taste. Okay, you win. That's a fine pad thai-like dish.
Candice: Told you.
Paul: So what do you think? One good dish, one bad dish for you.
Candice: I liked this place a lot. I'd definitely come back, but I would not order the kimchi ramen again. The kimchi worked well in the dip, but not with the noodles.
Paul: Yeah, the dips were pretty good, especially with those yummy wonton chips. My teriyaki chicken skewers were pretty darn good too.
Candice: It was the best pineapple salsa I've ever had so I think we can shrug off the kimchi ramen.
Paul: Yeah, and the price is right. Your two entrees came to just $15. What a deal.
Candice: If it wasn't for that damn door opening and letting in the cold and the glare, the atmosphere would be perfect.
Paul: Dan did a good job too.
Candice: Yep, all around, except for the kimchi ramen, a win.

Candice   Paul   

Worth the Price?
Worth the Wait?
Worth Coming Back?

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