Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Leptologists Eat at Bakersfield

Candice: Bakersfield in the Short North?
Paul: Yes, my brother recommends it.
Candice: If Mark likes it, lets go.
Paul: It's just a short walk up High Street from the Arena District, at the corner of Buttles and High.
Candice: Go on, say it.
Paul: Buttles! Hee hee!
Candice: Are you six?
Paul: Mentally?
Candice: This place has a nice feel to it. Old cowboy movies are playing on the TVs.
Paul: But without sound.
Candice: Rock and roll is blaring from the speakers. The place feels new, if a bit kitschy.
Paul: And forced or manufactured.
Candice: Compared to, say, Talita's?
Paul: Now Talita's was all hard plastic and too bright lights, but they owned their ambience. Not so sure here.
Candice: We sit at one of the ginormous barrels by the windows.
Paul: It forces us to sit with splayed legs. This might get uncomfortable.
Candice: The waitress informs us that 2 to 4 tacos make a good lunch.
Paul: And the soup of the day is a Corn Chowder.
Candice: We'll get two Tacos a piece plus the Chips and Queso.
Paul: And I'll try the chowder.
Candice: I choose the Raja and Short Rib tacos.
Paul: And I the Fish and Mole tacos.
Candice: This water has no taste.
Paul: And that's...?
Candice: Good. It means they have a good filter.

Chips and Queso and Corn Chowder
Paul: The Queso and Chips arrive as does the Corn Chowder.
Candice: And only 1 spoon for the chowder. How am I supposed to sample it?
Paul: This tastes incredibly fresh. The kernels of corn are crisp and crunchy. The cheese atop the middle is light and not too strong.
Candice: Where's my spoon?
Paul: It's got just a bit of a kick to it.
Candice: Here's my spoon! Ah, you're right. This has a richness of flavor and a lightness to it. It's not heavy at all. What a delight.
Paul: The chips are unnoticeable.
Candice: The Queso is brown atop and lumpy underneath. The top is awesome... the underneath not so much.
Paul: The Chorizo within tastes a little stale. But it has a nice fire to it.
Candice: These two sauces are a winner. The green is fresh and delicious, just the right kick. The red is sweet and smokey. Together they form an amazing flavor.
Paul: I'm having trouble with the subtlety of the red sauce, but I do like the green.
Candice: The tacos! What an adorable, beautiful presentation!

Paul: The Mole Taco -- braised chicken, pickled onions, queso, and cilantro -- is wonderfully sweet, with a final heat. It tastes smokey and burnt.
Candice: That is a unique taste, one I haven't tasted before.
Paul: The cilantro gives it a nice flavor.
Candice: The Rajas Taco is nice. Inside is cheese, peppers, beans, and cilantro. The veggies are cooked perfectly, the queso gives it substance, and the lime adds brightness. I just wish the lime wedges were easier to handle.
Paul: Easier to handle?
Candice: I need a lime fork!
Paul: I don't think they make those.
Candice: Someone should.
Paul: The Fish Taco is... disappointing. It's a fish nugget in tartar sauce. It's supposed to be crispy mahi with lime sauce and slaw.
Candice: Hmmm. I can taste the breading more than the fish. You're right. I love the Short Rib Taco. It's tasty and better than the Mole.
Paul: It is good, but I prefer the chicken to the short rib.
Candice: I like this restaurant. I like the concept.
Paul: It's got some appeal. But what the menu needs is a carne asada taco with grilled onions and queso.
Candice: Or a chicken lime with a light cilantro sauce and roasted garlic encrusted peppers.
Paul: Yum.
Candice: Well, it was certainly worth the price. Around $25 for that much food for 2 people.
Paul: The Fish Taco and Queso were dubious.
Candice: Yet the other three tacos were delicious, as was your Corn Chowder.
Paul: The house table salsas were also very good.
Candice: Worth the wait?
Paul: Yep. Even on Valentine's Day.
Candice: I'm glad that poor man's date finally arrived. He's been sitting alone for ten minutes.
Paul: I hope she was worth the wait. Worth coming back?
Candice: Yes. There's still four tacos we haven't tried.
Paul: Agreed! Let's go!

Candice   Paul   

Worth the Price?
Worth the Wait?
Worth Coming Back?

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